Utility Coordination

VSM Engineering is familiar with the construction and maintenance aspect of many utilities and is aware that utilities may have less flexibility or unique placement relationships. This knowledge – harvested from years of experience – has saved time, dollars, and many headaches for our projects and clients. In some instances, we have been able to make project design modifications to eliminate relocations. In 2020, VSM was selected by MoDOT to provide on-call utility coordination services through 2023.

Utility Coordination Engineer for the City of Kansas City, Missouri

From 2010- 2011, VSM served as the Utility Coordination Engineer for the City’s Public Works Department. Emphasizing communication among utility owners, technical personnel and construction personnel whose work impacts utility coordination for KCMO Capital projects. The goal is to encourage communication between local governments and utility providers and owners and to accurately identify and resolve issues with utility facilities as early as possible to aid in utility and capital project schedule.

Barry Road Widening Utility Coordination Services | Kansas City, MO

VSM Engineering coordinated the utility relocation for the widening of Barry Road from four lanes to six lanes from I-29 east to Ambassador Drive and west of I-29 to Amity. Selected intersection improvements, such as left-turn lanes were also included. VSM coordinated with the local power, telephone, and fiber optic companies, and sanitary sewer and gas utilities.

Throughout the project VSM overcame several unusual issues which included a high-pressure gas line, large telephone splice junction, and a KCMO environmental monitoring station. Some grading redesign was recommended to avoid a relocation of a gas regulator station and saved more than $100,000 in project funds.

Jackson County Shared Use Path | Kansas City, MO

The 17.7-mile corridor stretches from Arrowhead and Kauffman Stadiums south through Raytown and into Lee’s Summit. VSM Engineering is working as the utility coordinator to help the team transform the first portion of the Rock Island Corridor into a shared use path. Corridor planning and design will focus on preservation of the national rail network corridor’s integrity and on multi-modal transportation options.