KCI Airport Facilities Shop Complex | Kansas City, MO

VSM Engineering provided civil engineering design services for the building site, parking, and area storm sewer for a new facilities complex at the Kansas City International Airport. Located north of Mexico City Avenue and Bern Street, the site includes two building structures, totaling approximately 15,000 AF that will house offices and shops for the Facilities Structural division of the Aviation Department. The complex will include space for 30 private and 30 company operating vehicles. Required operations for the new facility include: shops for carpentry, metal fabrication, equipment repair and painting/finishing; rooms for parts and tools; O&M Warranty and File library; full-size plan sheet room; a minimum of seven offices; a conference room; breakroom; men’s and women’s locker rooms.

An extensive site selection analysis was conducted. Data for nine sites was collected and evaluated then criteria was determined, weighted, and evaluated. The criteria included available utilities, site slope, access, environmental considerations. VSM Engineering completed 3.5 acres of site design including two asphalt parking areas, concrete parking, site grading for three buildings, storm water design, SWPPP, water lines and sanitary sewer line. The project received LEED-NB Gold Certification.