VSM Engineering has designed more than 56,357 LF or 10.6 miles of water main replacement in the past five years. These projects have included design, planning, analysis, construction plans, and construction contract administration. Sanitary sewer gravity line projects range in size from eight to 36 inches.

VSM provided engineering support for the design analysis and study of chilled water at KCI Airport.  Developed construction plans for the replacement and rehabilitation of 11,000 LF of chilled water line, which consisted of 12-in, 16-in, and 24-in pipes, including 5,530 LF of 12-in CIPP water line. The project required extensive routing and alignment in a severely congested environment, valve location determination for operations improvements, daily coordination with parking and terminal operations, and sediment and erosion control. The pipeline replacement included boring, open trench, and CIPP pipe repairs.

VSM has managed and designed several water main replacement (WMR) projects for the City of Kansas City, Missouri’s Water Services Department. VSM also has extensive experience as a subconsultant on WMR projects, providing a range of services, including utility coordination, Envision evaluations, and design support.

S Emanuel Cleaver II Blvd to Topping Ave, E 39th St to E 43rd Terr – VSM completed design of 9,030 LF of 6-in, 8-in, and 16-in water main replacement. Services included utility coordination, SWPPP preparation, and Envision evaluation.

Jackson Ave to Manchester Terr, Emmanuel Cleaver II Blvd to E 63rd St – VSM prepared construction plans, cost estimates, an Envision evaluation and service line spreadsheets for this 5,500 LF of 6-in to 12-in water main replacement. Additional services include utility coordination and asset management. Work consists of both residential and industrial sites. One work area also included a potential archaeological site.

I-435 to Oxford Ave, E 49th St to E 59th St – VSM prepared construction plans, cost estimates, and service line spreadsheets for 4,600 LF of 6-in to 12-in water main replacement. Design included utility coordination and asset management services.

VSM designed construction plans for 2,400 linear feet of 6-in and 12-in water line for a new industrial development on NE Parvin Road and N Arlington Avenue in Kansas City, Missouri.