Construction Management

VSM Engineers have worked as Project Engineers and Project Managers for various projects.

VSM Engineering prepared the Stormwater Pollution Prevention Plan (SWPPP) for the Kansas City Streetcar construction project along Main Street in downtown Kansas City, Missouri. The SWPPP covered a variety of construction sites and stormwater protection issues along the 2.2-mile corridor.

For initial construction activities, VSM trained the contractor’s inspectors to properly conduct weekly SWPPP inspections. VSM conducted audits of the contractor performed SWPPP inspections to ensure requirements were met. During the last year of construction, VSM staff completed all of the weekly and rainfall SWPPP inspections.

Under the KCMO Construction Management Program, VSM Engineering provided construction inspection services for the stretch of Belvidere Parkway from Congress Avenue to Route 9 Highway. Elements of this municipal design-build project included grading, concrete paving, landscaping, ADA ramps and signing, and surfacing. VSM performed the wage rate interviews and analysis as well as inspections of water service lines, concrete pavement, driveways, curbs, and landscaping.

VSM Engineering acted as an on-site observer for the construction of two 36-inch and one 60-inch culvert extensions and a cast-in-place headwall located at a railroad embankment. VSM performed daily construction inspection and documentation to ensure the project met MoDOT LPA guidelines. Inspection included management of RFI’s, wage rate interviews, pay estimates, erosion control inspections, punch lists, and final inspection. VSM coordinated with the contractor, City of Grandview, Kansas City Southern Railroad, and affected property owners.